INTERPOMA 2018 | Exhibitor Survey

Why did you decide to participate in INTERPOMA?

Other reasons

How did you promote your participation in INTERPOMA?


Would you prefer to receive only free digital advertising material to send to your customers?

Are you satisfied with the business contacts established during the trade show?

Are you satisfied with the number of visitors at INTERPOMA?

Are you satisfied with this edition of INTERPOMA?

What expectations do you have regarding the follow-up business?

Was your participation in this trade show more, equal or less successful compared to the last edition in 2016?

Do you intend to exhibit at the next edition in 2020?

Did you exhibit at one of those trade shows in the last two years?


Trade shows are an excellent tool to capture new markets. In which markets are you interested in?


Are you interested in participating as an exhibitor at INTERPOMA CHINA 2019 in Shanghai?

How satisfied are you with the services during the trade show?

Very satisfiedSatisfiedNot very satisfiedUnsatisfiedNot utilised
New signage
Organisation in general
Booth construction BASIC
Booth construction PLUS
Accessibility of South Tyrol

Using a scale from 0- 10, how likely is it that you would recommend this trade show to a colleague? (0 = absolutely not, 10 = absolutely yes)

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