KLIMAHOUSE 2020 I Questionario Espositori (copia)

How did you advertise your attendance at the trade fair? *


Which kind of visitors are you mostly interested into? *

How much are you satisfied of this edition of KLIMAHOUSE? *

Which expectations do you have after the trade fair? Do you expect a positive outcome of the collected contacts? *

How do you judge the economic development of the field? *

Are you going to attend the next edition of the trade show? *

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely would you recommend this trade fair to a colleague? *

In the last couple of years have you attended any of these trade fairs? *

Would you be interested to attend other trade fairs organised by Fiera Bolzano? *

Are you satisfied of the following services available during the fair? *

SatisfiedUnsatisfiedNot used
General organisation
Building/dismantling hours
Prebuilt booth by Fiera Bolzano
PR & Marketing by Fiera Bolzano
Counter, ticketing online and accessibility
Event program
Toilets cleanliness

Have you hear about the project Klimahouse x BZ? *

Do you have any suggestion for Fiera Bolzano to improve your attendance?

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Company role *